About Us

See what drives our uncommon blend of industry knowledge with fun and play to create real change. 


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ViveTeams is a different kind of training company – one that challenges the status quo and wants to break the cycle of boring workshops and engagements. Our unique ability to blend business knowledge with fun and play is driven by a team that knows how to leverage learning and development to get real results. Together, we’ll create solutions to confront your organization’s toughest issues and help transform your business.

Our Values


Wave Riders

Waves of change and transformation are rolling in faster than ever. We thrive on helping teams ride the waves.


People First

We treat business as a human endeavor. If you can change the people, you can change the organization.


Ecosystem Thinkers

We think about the conditions that organizations need to thrive and relentlessly try to connect the pieces and ideas.


Impact Drivers

Organizations need a purpose beyond profits. Healthy organizations have the ability to make real, lasting impact on their community and people.


Move Past Theory

We think in terms of systems, scale and implementation. We want teams to walk away with not only new ideas, but new actions to change their workplace.


Experience Engineers

Typical training can be dull, one-sided, and forgettable. We inject training with refreshing experience and create moments made to last.

The ViveTeams Difference

Through intense research, observations and interviews, we’ve studied the development needs of hundreds of companies. We’ve had the opportunity to learn and analyze different training programs and evaluate the delivery styles from facilitators all around the globe.

From this unique vantage point, we’re able to filter the good parts away from the typical corporate fluff and focus on actionable content that gets results and creates change.

We’ve obsessively poured through books, research and workshops to gain a deep understanding of the challenges facing teams and organizations today.

Our Unique Advantage

Robust Experience

We’ve built a diverse network of talented coaches, trainers and experts. We bring together the best of the best from different industries and areas of expertise.

Specifically Tailored

Anything but cookie-cutter. We partner with you and learn your needs through our in-depth assessment. Each workshop is specifically tailored to meet the challenges and opportunities of your team.

Thought Leadership

We stay on top of the current science and research to bring you the best new ideas from different industries. We’re always searching for new ways of thinking and inject our workshops with fresh insights.


We move past theory and push your team towards real, actionable advice. We focus on implementation, tips and hacks to get ideas rolling. We design our workshops to give you a brand new set of tools that you can actually use in the workplace.

Our customers say it best:

The One ThingOne big idea weekly to unleash your team's potenial