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ViveTeams is a creative training company focused on building organizational health and elevating performance. We help unlock the hidden potential of organizations looking for high performance.


Why ViveTeams?

Through intense research, observations and interviews, we’ve studied the development needs of hundreds of companies. We’ve had the opportunity to learn and analyze different training programs and evaluate the delivery styles from facilitators all around the globe.

From this unique vantage point, we’re able to filter the good parts away from the typical corporate fluff and focus on actionable content that gets results and creates change.

We’ve obsessively poured through books, research and workshops to gain a deep understanding of the challenges facing teams and organizations today.

The Good

  • The healthiest companies are authentically dedicated to teams, culture, energy and innovation
  • The syngestisic flow between culture and innovation creates a powerful flywheel of progress
  • Organizations that invest the most in teams are poised to win the future
  • Healthy organizations create Real Impact, which becomes a gravitational force for engagement

The Bad

  • Typical training and development programs have become stale, complacent, and underwhelming
  • We are witnessing record numbers:  76% disengagement, 50% of companies will be disrupted, and 80% of employees are stressed out by work
  • We’re all being asked to produce more results, with less resources and the pressure to perform has never been higher.  (the waves are getting harder to ride)

The Hope

  • It’s time for the way we approach development to change – it should be exhilarating and energizing, not something your team rolls their eyes at!
  • Progress is infectious – once you catch a wave, you want to catch another one. We provide opportunities for people to learn, practice and recover to increase their competencies and comfort levels with new ideas and tactics. Once they find their first ‘aha’ moment – they’ll want more!

Our Unique Advantage

Robust Experience

We’ve built a diverse network of talented coaches, trainers and experts. We bring together the best of the best from different industries and areas of expertise.

Thought Leadership

We stay on top of the current science and research to bring you the best new ideas from different industries. We’re always searching for new ways of thinking and inject our workshops with fresh insights.

Specifically Tailored

Anything but cookie-cutter. We partner with you and learn your needs through our in-depth assessment. Each workshop is specifically tailored to meet the challenges and opportunities of your team.


We move past theory and push your team towards real, actionable advice. We focus on implementation, tips and hacks to get ideas rolling. We design our workshops to give you a brand new set of tools that you can actually use in the workplace.

Our Values

We live our core values in everything we do. We are passionate about working with teams, creating real impact for our clients, and providing experiences you’ll never forget.

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