How we create real transformation and impactful results.

Rooted in science, delivered with fun

We believe in changing the way people think. Combining adult learning theory, behavioral science and principles of fun and play – we create truly unique workshops and engagements.

Our Training Principles

ViveTeams is a on mission to change the way people think. Our principles are our framework that allows us to create real transformation and impactful results.

Never cookie cutter

Perceived relevance is correlated with knowledge transfer. We know it’s critical to connect people with relevant tools and not waste their time by giving them knowledge they don’t need. By personalizing our trainings, we drive engagement and make moments designed to stick.

Partners, not lecturers

We break the cycle of boring workshops and death by PowerPoint. Organizations need partners that will open up discussions and new ways of thinking – not just facilitators that lecture at the front of the room.

What’s in it for me?

We focus on creating a connection between ideas and how people can use them for their own personal success. By demonstrating how individuals personally benefit from new ideas and new tools, we create a more deep, rich learning experience.

Engineer moments designed to stick

We purposefully create specific moments that are designed to capture attention and increase retention. Increasing fun, play, and memorable moments strengthens and deepens the learning process, meaning you will walk away with more knowledge.

Provide context

Ideas in a vacuum lose relevance. Adults learn by connecting new ideas to experiences, so it’s critical that we link concept to reality. Using adult learning techniques like case studies, reflective practice, and simulations we promote knowledge transfer and generate real conversation.

Lateral thinking

We cast a net into the sea of books, research, white papers and experiences and distill down insights from different industries and companies to provide fresh, new ways of thinking and help unlock insights.

Simple, immediate suggestions

The world of learning and development can get theoretical, lofty and complex fairly quickly. We focus on the simple next steps that people can use immediately to make an impact on their workplace and the people around them.

Have fun

It’s not uncommon for people to approach training with cynicism or their guard up. We use techniques and tricks to get people to let their guard down and feel safe. By creating an environment driven by fun and safety, teams are willing to have deeper conversations, experiment and have a fuller learning experience.

Stories make it real

People remember the power of stories. We bolster our engagements with relevant statistics, research and examples – but always tie it back to real, human stories. This approach creates an emotional connection that lingers even when the data has gone.

Practice > Theory

Practicing new skills solidifies and crystallizes concepts. By purposefully creating exercises designed to transfer knowledge, participants are more likely to use their new skill set and succeed.

Use nudges

Without intentional nudges, reminders or prompts – most people will go back to their comfort zone with little change. We provide tips, tricks and hints for different levels of expertise that increase the likelihood that a participant will try something new.

 Create shared language

We provide people with a set of common terms that creates an instant sense of community. By installing specific sound bytes or phrases, people are able to communicate more effectively and pass on lessons learned to others.

Let the team share best practices

Not all ideas will work for everyone, or for every organization. By providing many ideas, but then allowing participants a chance to practice and reflect – we create a set of new tools that is more specific to your team and more relevant to your culture. Creating opportunities for the team to share with each other also deepens participation, accountability and ultimately participant transformation.

Align with organizational values

Our workshops and trainings should align with your organizations goals. In our process, we find out the big goals and initiatives going on in your organization and custom tailor our training to directly support the organizations goals.

Celebrate participation and high performers

Not everyone likes to participate during a workshop or peer group. We make it a priority to inject our experiences with moments of recognition and appreciation for people who engage and commit to learning something new. By using a combination of awards, call outs, and creative opportunities – we create learning role models in real time.

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