February 26, 2020

In a fast-growing startup? Here’s the best ways to stay recharged.

Does this sound like you? You rush into work to go directly into a meeting to debate the newest product release.  It runs over so you missed half of your next meeting and now you’re playing catch up. No break in sight, your calendar is double booked most of the […]
February 13, 2020

Three Quotes: Stranger in the Woods

In October of last year, Doug Ulman, CEO of Pelotonia was asked for his favorite books and surprisingly, he mentioned a book called “Stranger in the Woods“. It’s the story of one the last hermits ever – Christopher Thomas Knight, who disappeared into the woods of Maine for 27 years […]
February 5, 2020

Three Quotes: Man’s Search for Meaning

Welcome to the 3 quotes series, where we take one of our favorite (or recent) reads and we discuss, analyze and break down the three most impactful quotes from the book and how these ideas can change the way you approach life, work, and your mindset. The first book we […]
January 10, 2020

Maximizing Energy Cycles at Work

We all struggle with slumps throughout the workday. Whether it takes you awhile to find your stride in the morning, or you hit a wall at 2 p.m. – it’s not possible to be “on” at all times. Unfortunately, many corporate cultures don’t recognize the importance of recharging to improve […]
November 25, 2019
preventing bad meetings

4 Tactics for Preventing a Bad Meeting

We need to a hard look at our meeting structure, and avoid sucking the souls out of our meeting attendees. 
November 12, 2019
overcoming employee burnout

Are We in an Epidemic of Employee Burnout?

While burnout can seem like a supervirus, immune to countermeasures, the following steps can help organizations prevent employee burnout and might even improve productivity. 
October 23, 2019
office culture free lunch

Team Culture: It’s More than Just Free Lunch

Team culture is about so much more than office amenities. It’s about creating an environment that engages employees, produces results and helps a business evolve. Let’s take a look at some assumptions about team culture and examples of who does it best to get your business headed in the right direction.
October 4, 2019
Develop rules for team culture

Teams: Why Some Sizzle and Others Fizzle

When your team fails to cultivate the chemistry that leads to performance or, when the environment turns toxic, employee morale decreases and productivity goes down. Managers need to step in to make adjustments before the ship sinks. 
August 19, 2019
hiring external facilitator

External Facilitators Bring Value

The most influential component of any retreat is the facilitator. And one of the most important decisions any team has to make is whether to hire an external facilitator or to use a current employee of the organization to lead the sessions.
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