Team Development

An aligned, cohesive team is critical to every organizations success. Improve your teams effectiveness and productivity by investing in culture, communication and collaboration.

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What is Team Development Training?

It’s no secret that a great team makes all of the difference in the world. Getting a team aligned, cohesive and operating efficiently can be one of the most challenging tasks in today’s workplace culture. Employee engagement in the US continues to be a struggle – in fact only 34% of employees report being actively engaged and enthusiastic.  The secret to great teamwork lies in setting a powerful foundation that gives people an opportunity to thrive. 


Team Development Training helps people transform the way they work with each other and develops cohesiveness and connectedness. All of this results in many benefits – increased communication, accelerated decision making and creating healthy conversations. 


  • Psychological Safety and Trust
  • Communication, Conflict and Collaboration
  • Understanding Yourself, Motivation, Purpose
  • Innovation and Creativity

Core Program:


Healthy Team Ecosystem

An intensive two day masterclass in how to create a healthy team ecosystem.This program focuses on the core principles that drive an effective and cohesive team. Learn the skills of teamwork, collaboration, the secrets to high performance team cultures. We’ll teach you the tools and strategies on how to implement them in your organization.

1-Day Team Cohesion Workshops:


DISC Training

Gain deeper understanding of what drives and motivates you and others on your team. Use these insights to generate more meaningful ways of working together, align with your strengths and develop group empathy. Learn how to use your unique personalities to your advantage.


Collaboration & Communication

Effective teamwork and collaboration are critical for every team.  Learn how to make better decisions, manage conflict, negotiation tactics, effective collaboration and communication. This workshop will dive into default communication styles and communication tactics.


Innovation & Creativity

Feeling stuck in a rut and need an injection of creativity and innovation? This workshop will help you will gain practical, real world skills and principles to help you get unstuck, generate new ideas and see the world from a new point of view.

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