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Leadership Training

An intensive two day masterclass where participants will gain effective leadership tools, while at the same time developing the soft skills needed to succeed. Using our Momentum Roadmap, this leadership workshop moves from leadership principles, to leadership tools and finally to the skills needed to navigate in a modern workplace.



We help people better understand themselves, the team around them, and how they can effectively get results. The goal of this leadership workshop is to increase leadership confidence, develop the nuts and bolts of day to day leadership and how to influence and lead people.




New leaders face a very specific challenge – they not only resume responsibility and accountability for a team, but also have to learn the essential leadership skills needed to survive in a corporate ecosystem. Without addressing both, leaders often face a crisis of confidence in their early careers.


Often times, we forget that leadership starts with a strong foundation of 1-on-1’s, giving and receiving feedback and learning how to transition from individual contributor to leader. With the Momentum Toolkit, we help people gain the insight needed to doing the work themselves, to effectively moving a team towards any goal.


Many leaders have to learn by trial and error and it takes years to develop and learn their craft. We accelerate this by showing them the common traps and pitfalls that leaders face. We layer this with healthy discussions, time to practice and reflect and finally by bringing real world examples to life.


What You’ll Learn

This leadership training starts with developing a leaders mindset, the importance of check-in’s and 1-on-1’s and setting team alignment. It then moves on to creating a culture of feedback and how to deal with change and difficult situations.


Why It’s Important

Front line leaders make a significant impact on every metric in your business: employee productivity and engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty, innovation, and financial performance. Front line leaders are often the most important voice in any organization.


How it will help you

This leadership workshop puts participants on the fast- track of their development. Organizations need to equip their leaders with the critical skills and tools that setup them up to succeed. Lastly, creating effective leaders has a lasting impact on both employee retention and engagement.

Let’s roll!

Getting started is easy and we’re excited to learn more and deliver leadership solutions for any organizational need.

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