Strong leaders make a real, measurable impact on any organization. They are the glue that holds any organization together. Companies must develop leaders that can drive results, inspire people, and navigate change.

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Why Leadership Training?

Effective leaders are the life blood of any successful organization. In this age of information and change, leaders face significant challenges. Modern leaders must be able to drive change, adapt to new situations and inspire people.

Whether you’re a formal or informal leader, we focus on the critical skills needed to implement strategies and lead people. Specifically, we focus on first time leaders and helping people accelerate their leadership to the next level.


ViveTeams Leadership Training helps people transform the way they lead, by combining both hard skills and soft skills to create career momentum. It’s simply not enough for leaders to be technically competent – the leaders of the future need to be able to blend communication, influence and technical ability to achieve real and lasting impact. 


  • First Time Leaders 
  • Communication, Conflict and Collaboration
  • Leading, Inspiring and Managing
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

Core Program:


MOMENTUM: Learning to Lead

The perfect course for first time managers. Explore the tools, skills and mindsets that first time leaders need to hit the ground running and foster engaged, energized and effective teams and drive results. Learn the Momentum road map we use to help leaders make a smooth transition, how to lead people through healthy conflict and develop others to achieve success quickly and sustained results.

1-Day Leadership Workshops:


Storytelling & Presenting

This leadership workshop focuses on the techniques and methods to help you not only deal with public speaking, but how to enjoy it. You’ll learn how to communicate with increased clarity, interact with the audience more naturally and quickly convey information while projecting confidence.


Healthy Conflict & Negotiation

Explore the tools, tactics and tips for working through unresolved conflict and using productive discomfort to your advantage. Learn how to communicate with increased clarity, negotiate effectively and harness the positive side of conflict.


Entrepreneurial Leadership

This leadership workshop is for companies looking to inject a sense of dynamic entrepreneurship and who want to embrace change more fully. Focus on the skills needed to thrive in a super-fluid organizational environment and learn how to create clarity and collaboration in the face of competing priorities and uncertainty.

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