Professional Skill Builders

Build the skills needed to transform individuals into effective and efficient team members. We’ve designed these workshops to give people the tools needed to succeed in a modern workplace.


Getting Started:

Getting started is free! We start with a free consultation where we take the time to learn about your specific needs and match the right type of training to your goals. We’ll then create a package specifically tailored just for you.

Core Program:


Professional Skills Bootcamp

2 Day Culture Masterclass

This is a masterclass on how to become an effective and efficient modern knowledge worker. Elevate your team’s skill level across all of the tools needed to succeed in today’s corporate ecosystem. This boot-camp will cover how to write more effective emails, be more confident as a meeting facilitator, design PowerPoint presentations that impress and more.

Topics: Productivity & time management, meeting facilitation, Office suite

1-Day Skill Builder Workshops:


Storytelling & Presenting

Get the techniques and methods to help you not only deal with public speaking, but how to enjoy it. You’ll learn how to communicate with increased clarity, interact with the audience more naturally and quickly convey information while projecting confidence.

Topics: Effective public speaking, story first principles, visual communication principles


Navigating Change

Explore the skills needed to only survive in times of change, but to drive through resistance and manage uncertainty. Learn how to effectively plan for change, navigate common pitfalls and make change stick.

Topics: Change management, change fatigue, dealing with resistance, dynamic re-teaming


Healthy Conflict & Negotiation

Explore the tools, tactics and tips for working through unresolved conflict and using productive discomfort to your advantage. Learn how to communicate with increased clarity, negotiate effectively and harness the positive side of conflict.

Topics: Conflict identification, healthy and productive conflict, negotiation and communication, conflict resolution


Time Management & Personal Productivity

Learn the personal time management skills that are essential for professional success in any workplace. Successfully implement time management strategies, control your workload and energy, and learn to be less reactive.

Topics: Planning and prioritization, time management, habits and rituals, productivity tips

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