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Energy & Performance

An immersive one or two day training designed to elevate performance and fully energize people. We help people manage energy and stress to increase performance, resilience and engagement. Learn how to build a powerful foundation of energy that fuels high performance and creates the ability to enjoy work and life more fully.




We combine topics from performance psychology, neurobiology, habit formation and the latest in holistic, science-backed health to create highly energized, highly productive people. We do this through exploring the 4 core areas of Recharge: Direction, Physical Health, Mental Fitness and Environmental Design. Energy & performance training influences:


How we respond:

Controlled, balanced, intentional


How we feel:

Happier, fulfilled, energized


How we engage:

Authentic, connected, purposeful


How we think:

Focused, creative, proactive




Participants learn essential energy management skills needed to perform at their best. These skills not only help employees perform better, but also teach them how to recharge fully and the value of recovery. Participants will learn how to feel empowered and cultivate the necessary skills to perform at their optimal level.


Teams will learn how to fight burnout, bounce back from stress and deal with change in a healthy way. By building a strong base of purpose, stress management techniques and physical health, the Recharge program creates a toolbox that allows employees to flourish.


Happier employees are more productive – by focusing on mindfulness, mental fitness and health your team will be ready to face the challenges of a modern, super-fluid workplace. Employees will also gain new found insights and tactics that can be applied to their personal life.


What You’ll Learn

Learn the 4 core areas of Recharge: Direction, Physical Health, Mental Fitness, and Environmental Design. We combine topics from daily movement, nutrition, sleep, self-awareness and more to create a comprehensive set of skills to manage your energy and performance.


Why It’s Important

It’s more critical than ever to manage not only your time, but your energy level. Energy is the fundamental force that allows you to attack problems, navigate conversations, and deal with adversity.


How it will help you

Use these new energy and performance skills to become more productive, recover more effectively and live a fuller life both inside and outside of work. This set of energy tools will give you a full 360 look at how to amplify your effectiveness and kick out of autopilot.

Let’s roll!

Getting started is easy and we’re excited to learn more and deliver energy management solutions for any organizational need.

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