Team Building & Experiences

Give your team the events and experiences they need to thrive and succeed.

These fun events and experiences are designed to help unlock new insights, increase team cohesiveness and have some fun along the way.


Have Fun. Build Cohesion.

We craft highly effective and highly energetic team building events that help bring teams together and get results.

Team building has gotten a bad rap lately. Most people think of corny games, mandated “happy” hours and outdated activities. We take a different approach. We’ve specifically crafted experiences designed to engage and inspire your employees.

With a high level of energy and passion, our team sets the tone for the day making sure you have fun, keep the momentum going, and find lighthearted ways to connect your team.

With our experience and approach, we’re able to tailor team building sessions to match your team, culture, and expectations. We start by understanding and diagnosing exactly what you’re looking for and then partnering with you to create an experience of energy, entertainment and employee engagement.

Team Building Activities


Ultimate Team Retreat

ViveTeams will help your team plan the Ultimate Team Retreat – designed to recharge, inspire and engage your team. We work closely with you to tailor an agenda suited to meet your team’s unique needs, while providing them an unexpected and high impact experience.


Team Olympics

Team Olympics are a competitive team building program featuring a customized combination of team challenges that highlight collaboration, integrity and fun. Challenges include: Nerf Fun Challenge, Trivia Challenges, Pipeline, Ninja Balance and more. The pressure is on while the clock runs and communication, leadership, and teamwork are all tested to the max.


Beat The Box

Beat the Box is the ultimate competitive team building game. Teams work to open the box only to discover 4 cases inside. Each case contains challenging Escape Room style challenges which must be solved in order to open the next case and ultimately discover a mystery slogan which will stop the clock.


Hole in One

Teams will create and build a unique course with crazy rules, one hole at a time using any materials they can think of. Then compete on your own course and try to score the lowest number of shots! At the end, award a team the most creative hole design for additional fun.


Lego Serious Play

Ready for something different? Bring the creative thinking of Lego and combine it with any workshop. We use the Lego Serious Play method as developed by Lego to generate out of the box thinking and get your team into some hands-on activities.


Destination Innovation

Insightful discussions with some of Columbus most successful leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and more! Wow your team with this one-of-a-kind team experience and get up close and personal with the people leading in Columbus.


Infinite Loop – Virtual Reality Team Building

Teams are supplied with a single VR headset that one team member at a time can use to ‘visit’ the virtual world. Here, they need to describe their surroundings for other team members to try their best to solve the real-world puzzles, unlock the series of doors and release the trapped player from their virtual prison.

team-building-bridging the gap

RC Obstacle Course

Teams build different obstacles that RC cars will need to be navigated through. Then, each team member will get a chance to race an RC car through all of he obstacles and record their time.  Obstacles are creatively designed, decorated and branded by each team, with an award being given to the most creative obstacle.

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